Friday, February 29, 2008

Go To Item tool

Sometimes you have item ID or somebody provides you with pretty long item path and you want to navigate to the item as fast as you can. Of course you can use DBBrowser tool but it's not very convenient switching between several browser windows, isn't it.
So, I created a "Go To Item" tool and I like to share it with Sitecore lovers :).
To get it working you have to install the attached Sitecore package on your Sitecore.
After installation you can see the "Go To Item" button on Developer tab.

After clicking the button you get dialog window where you should input item path/ID. Since /sitecore item is a root of any sitecore trees you can avoid it in item path.

Here is Sitecore package (follow readme instruction during installation).
Here is GoToItem sources.

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